3D-art & Games

During my education I have learnt to work in both Unity and MAYA, developing mini-games and creating 3D models. I really had a blast doing this and only wish I was in the very beginning of my career path! I would love to learn more and continue to develop my skills as a 3D-artist and game-designer and creator. I have also worked in GIMP, drawing my own UV-maps, and editing the UV-map of the car, and in Audicity to make and edit some of the sound effects. Below are a few screenshots of my games.

My next goal is to learn Blender and to learn to animate first person characters in a cool way. I have endless ideas sparking through my mind. The biggest challenge for me is the programming done in C#, or any programming more complicated than CSS and HTML to be truthful, but it is also very rewarding to solve a challenging task and make things work as intended. I have really loved working with MAYA seeing my visions take shape. Since I love flowers and gardening about as much as creating things, I have had a vision of learning to create in VR/AR and make an awesome garden where flowers can grow and shrubs bloom and you can plant things and see them fill their space… Well, needless to say maybe, that I am not there yet, but creating flowers in MAYA has been great fun indeed! Next course I am planning to take this summer, will be about drawing/coloring wild flowers in detail. It is a step closer to creating that 3D garden I am envisioning working in as I one day retire and my body gives in and refuses to do all of the heavy real-life-gardening. By then I might even could smell the flowers and the earth in my virtual garden.